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Name: Veth
Timezone: EST
Personal Journal: [personal profile] vethica
Player Contact: [plurk.com profile] vethica; tvtransport at gmail
Characters in Game: None

Name: Valmont
Canon: Jackie Chan Adventures
Age: 36
Suitability: Well, he comes from a children's cartoon show, so I'm going to stress up front that his attitude toward these subjects is all headcanon. That said: while Valmont does have sex and enjoys it well enough when it happens, he tends to view it more as a means to an end than anything else (those shady business deals aren't going to make themselves, you know). So a world where everyone is just doing sex all the time, in the open, for fun? It's gonna weird him out. Definitely expect him to be initially uncomfortable with any sexy shenanigans he winds up tangled in. Buuut he also has a secret kink list a mile long, most of which he doesn't even know about because he's never actually bothered to experiment. So that'll be fun for him to figure out.
Species: Human
Canon Point: Post-season 2
History: Wiki link!


The most salient fact about Valmont, in any situation, at any point in time: he loves money. Even at his highest point - the beginning of his series, where he's already a disgustingly rich and powerful crime lord - he can't resist making a deal with a demon in hopes of obtaining untold treasure and becoming even more disgustingly rich and powerful. Predictably, this deal backfires, which leads me to another important fact about Valmont: he can be really dumb. It's not that he's actually unintelligent (...usually), but he has a tendency to let his greed and stubbornness get the better of him, and this gets him into a lot more trouble than it gets him out of.

The next most salient fact: his appearance. From immaculate green suits to posh English accent to jewel-encrusted cane, Valmont takes care to present himself as every bit the gentleman. But much as that cane actually conceals a laser sword, Valmont's personality is also a fair bit more unsavory than you might guess from the surface. It may not come as a surprise to learn that he's in possession of a colossal ego, but he also has no patience to speak of and a short temper that flares up whenever things threaten not to go his way. He's also just generally not a very nice person, prone to insulting anyone who's unlikely to kill him for it and not caring who or what he puts in harm's way as long as he ends up getting what he wants.

No one's completely terrible, though, and even Valmont has a positive quality or two. For starters, the man's crazy determined. Upon aforementioned demon's inevitable betrayal, a saner man might have decided tangling with a large, supernaturally powered, and very angry dragon was a bad idea and given up. Not so Valmont, who follows him halfway around the world to try and get his hands on that treasure - a plan that doesn't end up working out either, but you can't fault him for lack of trying. Additionally, whatever else he may be, he's actually a pretty good boss: his henchmen show a surprising amount of loyalty to him even after leaving his employ, indicating that despite his penchant for belittling them, he treats them well and may even care about them on a personal level - not that he'd admit to that, of course.

The last thing to note is that Valmont falls on increasingly hard times as the series progresses; at the end of season 2, where I'm taking him from, he's employeeless, nearly penniless, and living in a fish cannery. The later seasons are even less kind to him (dumpster diving is involved). Does any of this cause him to learn humility? Well, no, not really, because he's a stubborn son of a gun. But hey - he wouldn't be himself otherwise.

Abilities/Weaknesses: Valmont's one of those boring normal humans with no innate supernatural abilities, but he does have a decent repertoire of personal strengths and weaknesses! They're as follows:

+ He's a natural leader. You don't get to be the sole man in charge of an international criminal enterprise without a little bit of talent.
+ He's skilled in martial arts. The man's gone toe-to-toe with Jackie Chan and held his own. (Fictional Jackie Chan, but still.)
+ He's determined. The man will stop at nothing to get what he wants (generally some form of money).
+ He's crazy prepared. As an example, he has an electronic false tooth that he can use to summon his cane, just in case he ever needs to. Oh, and the cane has a laser sword inside it. As canes do.
+ He's classy when he tries to be.
+ He has fabulous hair.

+/- He's selfish. Valmont gives absolutely zero cares about anything that doesn't affect him personally. While this may be a weakness interpersonally, it's definitely a strength as far as his own well-being is concerned.

- He's extremely vain and has a hell of an ego.
- He's not a very nice person. Being a crime boss will do that to you.
- He has a short temper and is easily provoked.
- He can be short-sighted. At least once, his greed for more wealth causes him to lose the talisman he already had his hands on.
- He can't do much without his subordinates. They're the ones who get their hands dirty; Valmont is mostly content to sit back and watch. However, when they start messing up too badly, we come to the next point.
- He's impatient, which can cause him to act impulsively, often to his detriment. In the most prominent instance, his inability to sit still while his henchmen screwed up ended up getting him demonically possessed. Nice freaking going.

RP Samples:

One: snark and hot evil robots, what else do you need


If you had told Valmont that, upon finally being freed from months of demonic possession, he'd barely have time to lick the wounds inflicted on his dignity and his bank account before being dropped headfirst into a magical fantasy realm with no apparent means of escape, he would absolutely have believed you. Of course something ridiculous like that would be the next thing to happen to him. That's just his life now.

Now, if you'd told him exactly what kind of magical fantasy realm he'd find himself dropped into, that's where he'd start having some trouble.

(There is sex. Everywhere. There is sex everywhere and he's far too British for this.)

It's not all bad, though. The castle they've put him up in is actually rather nice - lavishly decorated, if not tastefully so, and if he averts his eyes from some of the more anatomical details of those decorations, it starts feeling like the sort of place he'd quite like to spend some time in. Which of course means they'll be kicking him out come morning, but in the meantime, he's been left a guide to this place and he might as well see what it's got to say about -

Wait. He can stay?

Valmont's eyes widen and only get wider as he flips through the section entitled "Apprenticeship". Not only is he being offered the sort of living situation he should have had all along - a nice room in a fancy castle, daily feasts, an extensive wardrobe (hopefully consisting mainly of green suits) - but he'll be learning magic as well? "Incredible amounts of power", that's what it says, right there in the book. "Incredible".

Valmont skims the other two sections just to be safe, but the options described therein aren't even worth considering (ugh, the squalor of living as an outlier, can you imagine?). It's not long before the book itself falls to the wayside, lying abandoned on the bedside table as Valmont's eyes glaze over with possibilities.

Maybe just this once, something in life is going to go his way.